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  • All we’re friendly and pleasant.

    Friendly staff answered many questions about the for-sale puppies. Store was clean and puppies looked happy and healthy. Other staff helped me select goods for my future puppy. Great selection of pup supplies. All we’re friendly and pleasant.

    Joy Shannahan

  • Thanks Puppy Love!!

    We have purchased 4 dogs from Puppy Love over the past 2 years. One for my son, 2 for my mother and I for my husband and I. Obviously we love Puppy Love or we wouldn’t keep coming back! Everyone is always so eager to help and so pleasant to deal with. Since we have always paid cash we have always gotten a better deal on our dogs!! Thanks so much for being an awesome place to get such great dogs!!! We will always recommend you to everyone and definitely keep coming back!! All the dogs we have purchased are easy to train, have their own individual personalities and just make us so happy!! Thanks Puppy Love!!

    Karla Ferguson-Granger

  • Puppy Love has excellent customer service!

    Puppy Love has excellent customer service, they are able to answer any questions you may have. They genuinely care about the puppies and their needs. All their puppies are well taken care of and very healthy. I enjoy going in Puppy Love Everytime and always have outstanding experiences.

    Caitlin Eastham

  • I couldn’t be more grateful for this store!

    I got my first puppy (an AKC registered Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier) from here. She was completely done with all Puppy vaccinations and up to date on dewormings. She had been microchipped and even had her rabies shot done! I received all the correct paperwork for her registration, shots and rabies certificate. The staff is beyond helpful and super knowledgeable. She is super healthy and well socialized with people before she even left the store. I couldn’t be more grateful for this store and will certainly recommend to everyone.

    Kimberly McCracken

  • They’re all amazing dogs

    I have 3 pups from puppy love and my mom has one from there too. They’re all amazing dogs and I’m so glad to have them. Puppy love always has great supplies for pets and endless cuddles and cute for when you need a pick me up.

    Kayla Ayers

  • Thankful for the employees

    Every experience with them always goes great! I have two wonderful pups from this store & they really complete my home. Thankful for the employees who guided me to my forever purchases

    Darian Trail

  • Puppy Love has changed my life!

    Puppy Love has changed my life and given me three of my greatest blessings in life. I can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without my babies. I bought my first Siberian Husky, Stormfang, in December of 2015. Roughly 4 months later I bought my second Siberian Husky, Sylvanas, in March of 2016. Then a few days over a year I bought my third dog, a German Shepherd named Chase in March of 2017. They are my best friends and their isn’t any amount money in this world I wouldn’t pay for them. This store gets a lot of negative reviews from people who have never bought a dog and people who have no idea how the business is ran. I am exceptionally proud of the owners and every employee for caring for the dogs the way they do. The fact that they develop a personal relationship with their breeders and have such strict standards for their breeders makes me as a customer feel at ease. The employees are always extremely knowledgeable and ready to assist whenever they can. I can tell you I will never buy another dog unless it comes from Puppy Love.

    Brittany Beheler

  • I’ll definitely be back!

    The process was so easy when buying my puppy, and everyone was so friendly! I love how they already have names for each puppy there! When the time comes to get another, I’ll definitely be back!

    Deanna Farley

  • I had such a great experience at this location

    I had such a great experience at this location. The employees put me at ease while I asked them a million questions. They showed me shot records, vet visit records, and even pictures of the puppy parents! I went home with a double trouble dachshund duo 🙂

    Lindsay Ellis

  • A wonderful store to purchase from!!

    We went in to pet puppies one day…like my husband and I ALWAYS do….and we played with a little husky first. Then they brought us Penny. We fell in love but we weren’t sure we were ready to commit. The lovely ladies who worked there walked us through the process of filling out paper work and putting Penny on hold so we could take the night to think about it. We came back the next day and got her! She had a little issue at the vet that required medicine and you guys worked with us and to pay for the medicine! A wonderful store to purchase from!!

    Jessica Grenier